Lancaster COGOP

Lancaster Alpha Life and Hope Center – United! This will go down in history for Lancaster Alpha Life and Lancaster Hope Center Churches, and the State of South Carolina. These two churches are less than a mile apart, with racial and cultural diversity. For the past year and half, Bishop Rodney Hamright and Pastor Marie Proctor have been feeling the leading of the Lord to combine the forces of their two congregations, making one stronger church. For months they have been meeting, praying, strategizing, and following the direction of the Lord. What a day! Pastor Rodney and Pastor Marie will be ‘co-pastors,’ and for the time being will be utilizing both of their campuses. Their theme is “Better Together,” united in the Great Commandment and Great Commission. This is unchartered territory, and any visionary will be faced with challenges and be stretched. But, isn’t that what ‘stepping out of the boat’ is all about … trusting God! “Where He leads me I will follow!” Please join me in praying for these two pastors and this church as they follow the vision and purpose God is giving them.

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