Palmetto Mission Initiative

Monthly Book Study:

The Way of The Shepherd
Dr. Kevin Leman and Bill Pentak
  • Read the book.
  • Join the call-in discussion group once a week.
  • Earn 3 CECredits.

The Way of the Shepherd is a compact, heart-warming story dotted with humor. It will teach you how to lead the people close to you so they will view their work as a calling rather than merely a job, a place to belong rather than a place to work. It shows leaders how to infuse work with meaning and how to engage, energize, and ignite their workforce and gives employees a better understanding of what makes for a quality work experience.It is a powerful metaphor for leaders that reaches back 5,000 years. It is . . . The Way of the Shepherd.

Register to get call information and your assignment for the group discussion.

Read the book and then join the 1 hour discussion group call on June 18th & 25th (either 10am or 8pm). To get the full 3 credits, you must attend both calls.

Register HERE

Purchase the book HERE or your favorite bookstore.

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