Sunday and Weekly gatherings

Hello friends! It is recommended that we too follow county and state regulations when considering the potential effects COVID-19 can have on a community.
Sunday gatherings as well as any weekly gatherings will be cancelled this week. We will provide updates of what to expect in the following weeks.
The governors office is calling it social distancing so that families, communities, counties don’t cross contaminate.
This is not a time to be anxious, although that is normal, God is still present and very aware of what is happening all around us. Let’s do our part by following SIMPLE cleanliness guidelines such as washing hands, using hand sanitizer and disinfecting contaminated surfaces. This is something we all should be doing anyway.
The best recommendation to manage community health is to stay home if you are experiencing symptoms. In addition, anyone in close contact (i.e., family members) with someone experiencing symptoms is encouraged to stay home in quarantine.

In the words of Pastor Hamright “Be Encouraged”.

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